Sept 1st is coming and I’m super excited!! Are you ready!?

So all my Y cash and half off is saved up for Super Tuesday (aka Sept 1st!!) when our new make-up is released for sale! I can’t tell you how stoked I am for all the pretties coming our way if you haven’t heard we are going to have lipstick now! YES LIPSTICK! Annnnnddd not just that, but we are getting eye shadow pallets! Fabulous, gorgeous and amazing eye shadow pallets (3 different sets guys!) that I am going to just love up my lids with!


Look at all these colors!! I want all of these on my lips!

The eyebrow struggle is real! If you mess up when plucking how do you fix it? Eyebrow pencil baazinga!11824925_1626941734220759_2419903920066249921_n Then we have the liquid concealer which I am super stoked about and has a better lid then my BB Cream which recently emptied the majority of its contents into my purse (not cool I almost cried). This is happening Sept 1st!!!!!11234972_1626941774220755_5331742819740091501_n

This is totally going to be me in the mirror in a little over a week!


Had a terrific time at the Bristol Renaissance Faire yesterday! Such a large turn out for the costume contest (and the faire) the costumes were amazing and I truly was not any competition in comparison to some of the amazing pieces of art I saw yesterday, but I had a great time and enjoyed seeing all that lovely work people made! Definitely going to step up my game ^_^  

posing before I left
When I first arrived
Very cool people
these wings were cool (they won the couples portion)
Enjoying a cold brew in my new tankard
taking a break
Our airship crew
My favorite shot because it is so dark 💗

Younique is now LIVE in Germany ahhhh

Erstens ist Younique jetzt nach Deutschland ab dem 1. August geöffnet ! Wenn Ihr Interesse an weiteren Informationen klicken Sie auf den Link !Deutschland

Oder wenn Sie wollen, dass ich Sie auf Ihrer Reise zu sponsern auf diesen Link klickenregistrieren

For those of you who don’t read German (I’m wonky so it might be off) the Younique team now has product LIVE in Germany! You can now join up and if you do now you will have a month to learn about all the product in time for September 1st when product will be available to the public in Deutschland!! Very exciting! 

To make things even better this month the new Kudos for August is a collection that features the first ever lipstick! Ahhhh I’m so stoked! This is going to be mine! This collection is a steal grab it up before the month is over cause then it’s gone ladies and gents! >>Three For Me Bundle<<<


Wait a minute…what!?

Ok so I have been crazy busy and I know I haven’t posted a lot….But I’m making some serious headway and currently working on a steampunk outfit for an upcoming ren faire I’m going to. Here is the drawings I made up for some of my accessories 😀



Then in other news I can’t help, but share how excited I am that our team is growing here at Younique! There is so much going on first of all, the fight song (put “younique fight song” into youtube) if you haven’t seen it yet here is one of the videos my close friend (and sponsor) made for this:

She is so brave to share and thousands of other women have shared their stories too! If you don’t know yet The Younique Foundation helps women who have been sexually abused by bringing them in for a free retreat that helps them heal!

2. I just wanted to say how grateful I am for what this company has done for me and so many other women that I am close to. Never would I have thought that I’d be marketing makeup, let alone able to wear makeup (hyper sensitive skin right here)! This is company is like a refreshing wave that washes you into the open arms of sunshine! Love them! 10986449_10155855498960603_6581161147897996284_o

3. The new presenter kit is still available until the 1 millionth { millionth? is that a word? } mascara is sold! You get 2 of the brand new 3D Fiber Lash Mascaras, plus the rest of the kit!! Approx $300 worth of makeup for $99!! And if you sell the 2nd mascara .. it’s pretty much $69 😀
There’s no obligation to sell either. That’s optional (seriously). Grab a kit and be a presenter – OR – just be a Kitnapper <— haha!! You’ll have 90 days to decide which! If you have questions email me:
{ click JOIN, pay the fee, and my sponsor zip is 53511 }

Who wouldn’t want to open their mail and find this ~~~~~~v

Your new lashes have arrived!

That’s right ladies your new favorite mascara is here! Sales are live in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, Mexico and Canada!! Get your new mascara >> here<< 

Any ladies who are ready to host their own party to earn free make up on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest can start your own party using this link:

Three keys to hosting a successful party on social media: 

1. Make it fun! Also make sure to respond to comments likes and other pictures posted on your party! 

2. Tag your friends you think might be interested in the make up!

3. Make sure your posting and I deal posting times between 5 AM – 8 AM, 10 AM – 12 PM and 4 PM – 8 PM that way people will see your posts!

Drum roll please!

Our new 3D fiber mascara+ goes on sale tomorrow!! Available in Australia, New Zeland,  United Kingdom, United States, Mexico and Canada! I will have the link available here first thing tomorrow morning to order 😍

If just one mascara isn’t enough for you for a limited time any new presenters I sponsor will receive two (yes two) of the new mascara on top of all the other perks in your kit (for just $99 which will seem like $69 when you sell that 2nd mascara right away because you will)! Email me at for more info.

Or if you just don’t have the cash right now you can create your own party to earn free makeup using this link: Create My Party

The countdown continues!

We are only 4 fabulous days away from the release of our new amped up mascara that is going to continue the upward momentum of this company!


My amazing team continues to grow everyday as more women join the You+ movement! This companies motto is empower, uplift and validate and we do that everyday! This isn’t just about makeup its about our future ^_^ Did you know this company started The Younique Foundation that helps sexually abused women heal? 1 in 4 women have been sexually abused and the more we empower the more we increase the decrease of those odds of sexually abused women! We will fight, we will speak up and we will validate each other! This isn’t just about makeup its about you fighting for yourself and what you want ^_^ It has already changed my life! What about yours? Email me for details at

Big Announcement!!!

So really big news today! Not just with Younique, but in my personal life as well which I can’t share yet. However I can share the news about the company! They just announced that they have changed up the formula to make our fabulous mascara even better! Ladies and gents trust me you are going to want to get in on this! For the general public they will start selling the new mascara+ on July 15th. How awesome is that? What’s next ?? ……. The plus YOU movement!!! It lasts until 1 million new mascaras are sold!!!! All new presenters who join will get the NEW mascara in their kit { right now } for yourself plus another mascara for whomever you please!!! THATS 2 orders (YES 2) of the NEW Moonstruck 3d fiber mascara+. Also the new charm and free shipping on your kit!!!!!! Who’s ready for me to sponsor them and make history?!?!? Send me an email at !!!‪#‎gameon‬ ‪#‎itsgoingdown‬ ‪#‎biggestannouncementinyouniquehistory‬

my team

newwand 11694864_931923626024_520822483352532872_n

I think my fellow presenter Shari expresses all our excitement really well (I just love her!)

I want to celebrate!

So with 4th of July coming up (and my sons birthday the day after) I was already feeling in a celebratory mood, but then I woke up this morning to the announcement of the Supreme Court ruling to finally give rights for gay marriage nationwide…its time to celebrate guys! I know there are people out there that don’t agree with this ruling, but I’m 100% for it. This is just one of those things that I don’t think anyone should have the right to take away from someone. Yet here we are ruling for or against it. Either way there are many of my friends who deserve this right and future friends and family who do as well 🙂 So I’ve got a couple ways in which I’m spreading the love/celebrations. With our new option of paying through PayPal its an even bigger bonus!

1. Buy 4 mineral pigments ($40) get the 5th free (email me your pigment choice to and your mailing address and I’ll order it and send it right away and I will forward the confirmation email to you verifying the order).


2. You purchase the Kudos this month and you will get a free Lip Stain (of your choice)! Just follow the same instructions as the mineral pigments celebration 🙂